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Benefits of Soursop Leaf – benefits of soursop leaves so popular among Indonesia's society. Especially since the advent of research showing that leaf is able to treat cancer. As it known, soursop leaf does have a special content that is able to cope with and treat a variety of chronic diseases.

No wonder so many researchers who are interested in researching the benefits of what he owned soursop leaves. Therefore, this time will be discussed related benefits and the benefits of soursop leaves for the health of the human body.

Benefits of Soursop Leaf to body health

1. Uric acid

Soursop leaf eating regularly turns out can treat disease gout. This is proven by the large number of drugs the use of uric acid as the main ingredient of soursop leaves.To make herbal remedies uric acid, you only need to boil 6 to 10 soursop leaves that have been sanitized (select the old) using 2 cups of water to a boil and left just one glass. Drinking this herbal remedy for 2 times a day so that the resulting benefits are getting the maximum.

2. Drug cuts out

Other benefits of soursop leaves as a cure wounds. This medicine may be used for those of you who suffered wounds on the skin such as eczema, because of the drop,and so on. How to make drugs oles is quite easy, you just need to fine-tune soursop leaves some sheets. Then immediately paste on the part of the injured skin and leave on for 30 minutes. Afterwards, clean.

3. Back pain

The problem of back pain often experienced is certainly a lot of people especially the elderly community. The use of medicines in the handle it will cause side effects that are not good for health. Therefore, the consumption of herbal remedies for back pain can be the best solution. Usage is pretty simple, You boil the soursop leaves as many as 20 sheets with 5 cups of water until the remaining 3 cups. After that, drinking herbal remedies for back pain this once a day for as much as ¾ Cup.

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4. Diabetes

Benefits of soursop leaf turned out to be able to treat the disease of diabetes. That is because the presence of nutrients in the soursop leaf extract tested were able to stabilize the amount of blood sugar levels in normal range in the human body so it can be used as a herbal remedy for diabetes.

Making herbal remedy is fairly easy, firstprepare the soursop leaves as much as 2 to 5 pieces. Then cleaned with water flowsin order for germs and bacteria disappear. Next, boil the soursop leaves in 3 glasses of warm water and allow it to shrink to 1 cups. For people with diabetes, drinking this concoction regularly for 3 to 4 days in the morning and evening so that the results indicated the maximum.

 increase the body's immunity and avoid infections in the body
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5. Antibodies

Benefits of soursop leaf next is as antibodies. Please be aware that antioxidants andother nutrients in soursop leaves to increase the body's immunity and avoid infections in the human body. That way, the body will be spared from a variety of deadly diseases. The trick is by boiling soursop leaves as many as 4 to 5 sheets with 4 cups of water until only 1 glass and drink. If drunk regularly water decoction of leaves of thesoursop, our bodies will always maintained his health.

6. Help relieve muscle pain

Consuming water decoction of leaves of soursop are also believed to be able to relieve pain in the muscles of the human being. That is because the presence of content in soursop leaves that are able to muscle relaxes muscle pain so declining.

7. Strengthen nerves

In addition to relieving pain, benefits of soursop leaves other is bracing the nerves in the human body in order to be able to work properly. Because of his ability, soursop leaves this could even be used for anti drug seizures.

8. Help lower fever

Soursop leaf turns out could also help lower fever. The trick is to boil a few sheets soursop leaves. Then, the water decoction of medicinal herbs used as the antibiotic fever that is safe and natural.

9. Expand the blood vessels of the body

Narrow blood vessels that lead to the rise of heart disease and stroke are very harmful to the body. However, no need to worry because of water decoction of soursop leaves have the ability to dilate the blood vessels so that blood can flow properly.

10. Kill parasitic worms

Benefits of soursop leaf next is to kill parasites. Humans, especially children are veryvulnerable contracted the parasitic worms as they often play in dirty places and do not use footwear during play. Well, the water decoction of leaves of the soursop is capable of lethal parasitic worms in the body without any side effects.

11. Addressing the rheumatism

Typically, rheumatic diseases more frequently in people who have aged. Arthritis sufferers will feel the pain of this remarkable part of the bone. Even not rarely from those who cannot perform such activity is usually due to this disease. How to use to treat rheumatism in contrast to other drugs. First, you puree it first soursop leaves that have been cleaned. Then, apply to areas of the body that feels pain due to arthritis, eczema or arthritis for two times a day on a regular basis. Let stand for a few minutes until the leaves look began to dry up.

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12. Prevent developing tumors

Benefits of soursop leaves is also very effective to suppress tumor development. That is because the ability of soursop leaves which can fight tumor development.

13. Treat the inflammation or swelling

Soursop leaves have the ability to overcome problems of inflammation or swelling in the body. The trick is to apply a soursop leaves already pounded or crushed on abody part that inflammation or swelling.

High Blood Pressure cure
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14. Lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be treated by various chemical drugs, but it certainly gives the side effects less well for health. Thus, drinking herbal remedy made from soursop leaf decoction of water can be the best solution.

15. Improve indigestion

You are experiencing digestive problems such as constipation, can consume water decoction of soursop leaves so that CHAPTER is getting smoother. In addition to facilitate digestion, eating soursop leaf extract is also able to increase appetite.

16. Treat boils

Benefits of soursop leaf next is treating boils. Usage is fairly easy, first step You picksome sheets soursop leaves and then clear. After that, the ground or blended until smooth and applying on the part of the body there are boils.

17. Help nourish the heart

Soursop leaves contain that can nourish the heart. The trick is to consume water decoction of soursop leaves regularly once a day.

18. Inhibit bacteria growth

The content contained on the soursop leaves, is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria harmful to the body. Therefore, it is no wonder if the leaf is often used as one ingredient of a drug anti bacterial.

19. Help lower cholesterol evil

Benefits of soursop leaf next is to help lower cholesterol nasty on human blood.  reinformation, cholesterol evil is capable of causing a wide range of chronic diseases ranging from heart, stroke, high blood pressure and others.

20. Improve the production of BREAST MILK

Soursop leaves contain a natural nutrition for breastfeeding mothers. Because of this, the leaves are very helpful in terms of increasing the production of mother's breast milk.

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21. Relieve dizziness

Benefits of soursop leaves the other is relieve dizziness due to excessive stress. That is because the presence of the capability of the soursop leaves maintaining healthynerves especially on the brain in order to be stable and strong.

22. Prevent Aging

Soursop leaf to have content that can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles naturally. The trick is to put soursop leaf frying on areas of the face.

23. Increase fertility

For those of you who have not also get the offspring, consuming water decoction ofsoursop leaves can be used as one of the solutions. In men, taking soursop leaf extract may increase the amount of sperm. While for women will be the stronger her womb.

24. Treat hemorrhoids

Benefits of soursop leaf next is as hemorrhoids cures. Soursop leaf to have content that can stop bleeding at anus area and make the surrounding muscles are more relaxed.

slathering of acne with soursop leaves
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25. Overcome acne

Soursop leaves also have efficacy to address the stubborn acne problem. You just need a slathering of acne with soursop leaves that have been mashed.

26. Treat kidney inflammation

The content of antioxidants found in soursop leaves is believed to be capable of treating kidney disease. In addition to treating, soursop leaves can also be used to maintain the health of the kidneys.

27. Treat lung pain

Benefits of soursop leaves as a cure is the lungs. Soursop leaves have the ability to treat the lung disease is dry or wet. In addition, the contents of the antibacterial are also capable of maintaining healthy lungs.

28. Speed healing of malaria

Soursop leaves can also be used to speed healing of malaria. That is because the presence of content in soursop leaves that can kill the virus cause malaria.

29. Addressing the whiteness

Benefits of soursop leaves which are very useful for the women is addressing the problem of vaginal discharge. This is of course due to the ability of the soursop leavesto kill the bacterial cause of vaginal discharge.

30. Treat cysts

Benefits of soursop leaves other is treating cysts. Soursop leaves contain specific nutrients and can hamper the growth of cysts on the body.

31. Cancer

Benefits of soursop leaves a very phenomenal is its ability to treat cancer. Based onresearch conducted by many experts, soursop leaves contain an inhibitor of cancer cells and can cure the disease of cancer is far more effective and fast compared to chemotherapy.

If chemotherapy takes a lot of cost and cause various side effects on the body, soursop leaf thus cheaper and also safe. Even after examined, soursop leaves contain active ingredient 10,000 times better and stronger for the fight against cancer than chemotherapy. Soursop leaf can treat various types of cancer ranging from cancer of the breast, prostate and lung.

Here is the last 31 benefits of soursop leaves for health. Before taking this soursop leaves, we suggest that you consult in advance to doctors or experts. Because each person will receive a different effect, especially if mengonsumsinya is excessive. Consuming excessive soursop leaves can also cause the good bacteria that is in the bodyof the dead participated.

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